Where can you find our products? NOW!

Need a yummy gluten/dairy/soy protein egg free (vegan!) fix?

Hello to our tribe!  We know you are hungry, and we are ready to get back to work!  Thanks for the calls and emails, and even cards! We miss you too. While our retail bakery is closed, here are the ‘partner’ businesses where you can find our goodies!  ‘AROUND’ DENVER Billy’s Inn in Denver http://www.billysinn.com  North County in Lowry http://www.northcountydenver.com  Both of these restaurants offer our freshly baked dark chocolate brownies for dessert! Shout out to Sterling Robinson who’s created many gluten free items in his menus. He’s been a fan of ours since day one! THE HIGHLANDS Cherry Beans Coffee Shop 40th and Tejon. http://www.cherrybeans.net. This locally-owned coffee shop carries our egg free dark chocolate brownies and our (ef) gingersnaps! Love ’em with a great cup of coffee or tea. Hello to another locally owned small businesses! GOLDEN The Bread Box at 10th Street Farmer’s Market in Golden. They offer our cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip muffins, scones, dark chocolate brownies, rosemary focaccia, and garlic breadsticks every Saturday while supplies last. You can email AJ if you want something held. He’ll do his best! Thebreadboxdenver@gmail.com. DOWNTOWN Amethyst Coffee on 11th Avenue at Lincoln/Broadway. http://amethyst.com. Elle Taylor just started offering our chocolate chip muffins for you commuters! (Yes, they are egg free too!) UNIVERSITY OF DENVER Starting mid September, check out the DU Beans Cafe and Coffee Shop. This student-run shop is a favorite hang out and easy to reach at the DU campus. They carry two flavors of our muffins! https://daniels.du.edu/faculty-research/hospitality-management/beans-coffee-shop/

Stay tuned, keep the Faith, and we’ll be back before long. Take care, Kathy and the GE Team