Hello Dear Tribe,

Thanks for everyone who stocked up for August while we are closed. Yes, we are moving. But, our gluten free, dairy free, soy protein free, vegan bakery will reopen!  On July 24 we closed our doors on South Tamarac and we are packing for our new location.  The question of the least few weeks has been:  Where are you going????

I know, I know everyone is anxious. We are too. But I don’t want to jump the gun.

At this point, our new space terms have not been finalized.  Keep checking Facebook and this site for the big news. We’ll post it as soon as we seal the deal!

Have a safe month during August, stay hydrated, and we will see you soon.

Take care,

Kathy and the GE Team (Corey, Sarah, Nick and Valentin, Alex, Nick, Clare and Sam)