Dear Tribe,
We know Thanksgiving is just weeks away and we are racing to be open. We love making traditional holiday foods for ‘you and yours’ especially stuffing, dinner rolls, and pies. It’s difficult to know when we will ‘formally’ reopen our doors, but we’ve passed all our inspections so far and the crews are working overtime (and Saturdays)! If you are nearby stop in and thank Dustin, our project manager from Aberdeen Construction, and the hardworking subs.
We’ve decided to think positive and will be producing (1) packs of stuffing cubes, (2) take-and-bake dinner rolls, (3) pies, and (4) cranberry or pumpkin muffins.
As a community, we need to gauge demand, so we are going to start taking orders now. (We will stop taking orders at some point in time.)
If you want/need any of these items please email Kathy at with your ‘wish list’ order and include your phone number. We will call each of you back for payment info….Once we have payment information, and only then, is your order final. WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD AT THIS POINT IN TIME… We will take as many orders as we can. Let’s see how we do with this system and we’ll keep in touch on the website and Facebook.
As far as costing, if we are open for business the items will cost our ‘standard holiday preorder’ prices (herbed cubes $4.99, take and bake rolls $8.99, frozen pie shells $7.99, apple pies $15.99, pumpkin pies $12.99, 2 pack medium muffins $5.25). If we are not yet formally ‘open’ with a tax license and final City approval we will accept donations for the St. Francis Center in lieu of payments to us…(donation for the items is approx. same as the price).
We will not take any orders past November 14, 2015 (but the orders may close sooner, so first come first served). If we are open for business, regular prices apply for sales other than these early orders.
We will work on a pick up schedule as the time gets closer and we know if we will formally be open. I know this is hectic but we are doing our best.
Lastly, the new bakery space will be blessed before we open. Everyone is welcome to attend and add any good thoughts, positive vibes and prayers for us, as we work to serve you and feed you with the amazing ingredients provided to us on this earth.
Take care,
Kathy and the GE Team
Here’s a refresher about the holiday products:
Stuffing Cubes.
As a reminder the stuffing packs are egg free, seasoned with poultry seasoning, and have 2 cups of cubes in them. (They work like your traditional cubes, but at my house we add a lot more veggies (celery, onion, carrot, and parsnip). If you actually stuff a bird, for a 10-12 pound bird you should need 2 -3 packs.) These area also corn free, gluten free, dairy free, and peanut, and do not contain any nuts. Oh yes, soy protein free too.
Take-and-Bake Dinner Rolls.
These are a pan of frozen dinner rolls. There are 9 rolls per pan. You will need to unwrap them, thaw them to room temperature (I leave mine in the ‘frig overnight then put them on the counter for an hour or so), let them rise a bit (these will not double in size), a bake them at 375*. They need to bake for 35-40 minutes. They will smell delicious and you will want to take them out but try and resist for 35-40 minutes….These are gluten, dairy, peanut, soy protein, egg and corn free, oh, and do not contain any tree nuts.
Generally we sell pie shells, pumpkin pies, and apple pies for Thanksgiving. We can definitely sell frozen pie shells. We can make limited pies. The apple pies are always frozen for you to bake fresh. They come with directions. This year the pumpkin pies may be pre baked and frozen. All of these items are gluten, dairy, peanut, soy protein, free and do not contain any tree nut ingredients. The pie shells and apple pies are egg free. The pumpkin pies contain egg.
As for corn… we use Earth Balance soy free ‘margarine’. It lists a natural flavoring derived from a corn ingredient on its label. Many of our corny (NOT!) customers do not have an issue with this ingredient, but it is in our pie shells and dots our apple pie filling.
Pumpkin or Cranberry Muffins
We will be making ‘medium’ size pumpkin or cranberry muffins for your Thanksgiving morning. These muffins are gluten, dairy, peanut, soy protein, egg free and contain no tree nut ingredients. The drizzle contains powdered sugar which does have corn starch in it.