Product Inquiry

Good things take time… When to Order

Baking takes time, bread has to rise, and cakes have to cool. The Gluten Escape is not a mass production bakery; we hand make each item. We plan our production quantities with an ‘emergency’ or ‘customer surprise’ factor but PLEASE help us keep everyone supplied, call as soon as you can.  303-694-9999.


We make thirty flavors of cakes. Each day we offer an assortment of cakes in a variety of flavors and colors for carry out purchase (while supplies last). Special cake orders require a minimum of 72 (production) hours’ notice. We’ll always try and help but without 72 hours’ notice, rush charges may apply. During high cake season (May through early July) two weeks is requested. Wedding? Call us! 303-694-9999.

Pies. Yes we make pies, frozen pie crusts, and we sell pie dough balls. As with everything, pre-ordering guarantees your goodies. Please call ahead. 303-694-9999.


We make thirty flavors of cupcakes and have four or five varieties in stock at the beginning of each day. We can easily accommodate walk in orders up to a dozen or so, but please be mindful of our tribe and pre-order if possible. It helps us to avoid others’ facing a lack of supply…. We know emergencies happen but other people may have an emergency too! Call for the daily or weekly assortment. 303-694-9999.


We make fresh bread daily, both loaves and specialty choices (ex: hand-made pretzel rolls, ciabatta loaves, pizza crusts or dough balls, flat bread, take-n-bake rolls…) while supplies last…Call and see what’s bakin’, or place your orders and we are happy to fill them! 303-694-9999.

We make our grain-free sugar-free loaves of bread on Wednesdays. Guaranteed grain free bread orders close the Saturday prior to the next week’s batches (place your holiday orders earlier please). We’ll always make extra of each flavor, please call. (303) 694-9999.

We make Challah each Friday or by special order. Our Challah contains gluten free certified oats and is corn free. Again, pre-ordering guarantees your loaves 303-694-9999.


Our cookie doughs are made, chilled, scooped and shaped, then baked. We bake cookies every day and sell as many as we have. They are gone when gone, so please call….303-694-9999. At the holidays we make special order frozen cookie dough logs…


Our award-winning brownies, blondies, and bars are fresh each day. Come browse to discover which of our four brownies you love the most! We offer dark chocolate, ‘milk’ chocolate, black forest, and a fudgier dark chocolate egg free version…. peruse our butterscotch blondies, salty pretzel chocolate chip, mocha oat, or lemon jam bars. We offer them in individual portions in our bakery cases, and the brownies and salty pretzel chocolate chip bars are available in 8×8 pans.

This is not a complete list of items we manufacture. Please see our menu for a full list or call us at 303-694-9999.


We accept orders six months in advance 303-694-9999. Our pledge: we always try to make your order (no matter when received). No order is final until paid in full. Prior to major holidays we only guarantee orders received by COB two weeks prior to the actual holiday. We will accept orders as long as we can and always add a ‘lack of planning’ multiplier, but we do sell out of items each day during the regular seasons. Help us make enough so no one is disappointed! Thanks in advance from the whole tribe.

Orders are not considered ‘final’ until payment is received in full.  Rush charges may apply to orders placed outside of these constraints.