Halloween, it’s on a Tuesday this year.

Need goodies for your parties?  Preorder pricing*:

  1. Funfetti Cupcakes: 6 for $15.99
  2. We will offer platters of smaller size cookies for Halloween. Orange and black sanding sugar. Perfect for parties. $24.99 for a tray of 18 cookies.
  3. A tub of our Frozen Take-and-Bake sugar cookie dough. Sale: $15.99 through October 21. Makes a dozen regular size, or 2 dozen small cookies!

*Preorder by October 21 for a guaranteed order at these reduced prices.


Oh boy…  Thanksgiving 2017    We Close at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 22 and reopen Tuesday November, 28. Pick up by 2:00!   

For those new members of our tribe, ordering early is KEY. 303-694-9999.  KEY.

Your order is final when confirmed and payment is received.

The only Thanksgiving item which contains egg is the pumpkin pie. All others are egg free/vegan.

Preorders are at 10% off discounted pricing and the orders are guaranteed.  Preorder Ends November 4, at 5 p.m. 303-694-9999.

You must preorder muffins (pumpkin, of course) and dill dinner rolls.  (These two products will not be available for walk in purchase.)

Orders received Between November 5 and November 11 at 5 p.m. are guaranteed at regular pricing.  (Pumpkin muffins and dill rolls can be ordered until November 11.)

Orders/inquiries after November 11 we promise to make as much product as we can, first come first served, regular pricing.

NOTE:  Purchase Take and Bake in early November and avoid the rush!


Fresh roasted “whole bean” coffee   8 oz. $6.99, 16 oz. $10.99

Pumpkin Muffins, ready to eat, regular price $3.75 each.  (MUST PREORDER).

Take and Bake Muffins (Blueberry or Chocolate Chip), 6 per pack, regular price, $18.47.

Take and Bake Monkey Bread, feeds 8-10, regular price $12.99.

Take and back Cinnamon Rolls, 6 per pack, regular price $18.47.

Snacking Options:

Chex mix, regular price $6.99

Crackers for … everything!! Regular price $7.99.


Skinny Straws… think Grissini, regular price $5.29.

for dipping in olive oil or hummus


Ciabatta: Chose rosemary thyme or Italian herb, regular price $12.99.

(yes, a bruschetta, or tapenade, or simply toast and dip in olive oil)


Ranch or Chipotle Sauces for dipping!!!!



Stuffing Mix vs bread cubes**?  Regular price $8.49 (stuffing) and $6.99 (cubes)

Bread crumbs for green bean casserole?  Regular price $6.29                                                        $


Dinner rolls:

Special Thanksgiving Dill Rolls. Half dozen, preorder only, half dozen $7.29

Baked and ready to warm!  Golden or Multigrain, half dozen, regular price $6.99

Take and Bake, a dozen golden dinner rolls, regular price $10.99




Prebaked Pumpkin Pie (contains egg), regular price $15.99

Take and Bake Apple Pie, regular price $18.99

Take and Bake Peach Pie, regular price $22.99

Pie Shell, regular price $7.99

Pie Dough Ball, regular price $4.99



Remember a loaf or rosemary thyme sandwich bread!  Regular price $8.49


** Our ‘stuffing mix’ is formulated to retain some shape and texture through baking. Our ‘bread cubes’ are designed to make a consistently soft dressing. We suggest mixing them. If you are stuffing a turkey, two bags of cubes and one bag of stuffing, with 4-5 cups of veggies, will fill a 10 – 12 pound turkey.

All take and bake directions and product handling instructions are posted in the bakery. I will post them on the website and will send them out in a stand alone email before the holiday.