Ahhh, June.  

Weddings, Father’s Day, Denver’s Greek Festival…Yup, grilling season is OPEN.

Father’s Day??
Please place your orders early for fun treats with Dad! Our number is 303-694-9999.
If you want to go ‘out’ with Dad, check out the annual Greek Festival in Denver, June 16-18. We’ll be there with gf Kourambiedes, a Greek wedding cookie with almonds.
Or fire up the BBQ Grill…
Our dog/burger buns are formulated to be split and toasted on the grill alongside everyone else’s.  You can have the whole experience of da’ grill!
Hot in the kitchen? Try grilling a pizza on our pre-shaped crusts… we make a 12” crust and carry a dynamite dairy free cheese… I grill mine on a barbecue setting. 
Wedding Season is upon us??
Yes, we make wedding and cutting cakes but we need to know EARLY. 303-694-9999
If you are catering an event we’ve got exciting news: Epicurean and Tony’s Catering Companies use our products and their Executive Chefs understand gluten free options. 
Our take-and-bake products are selling fast.  We love the new baking pans which can freeze, microwave and bake. Newest addition? Frozen cookie dough! It’s next to the take and bake cinnamon rolls, muffins, pies, dinner rolls and monkey bread. Thank you for the ideas, and keep them coming!
Baking Tip for this month: baking at dry altitude… I was recently in Albuquerque (the ‘original’ mile high city, WHAT???) and was surprised to find so many questions about baking cookies at altitude and in a dry climate. So, for all our fans, here’s a tip for cookies: make your cookies with the dough chilled. It helps retain moisture and they bake faster (Our cookies bake in 7 minutes which is a very short bake time.) 
That’s all for June.
Take care,
Kathy and the GE Team
EARLY NOTICE: For the Fourth of July: We will be closed July 2,3,4, and 5 and will reopen July 6 at 7 a.m. PLEASE plan accordingly!  Call us to place your order. 303-694-9999.