Time is passing, the next step is coming…

We are passing through the harvest and traditions filled with symbols and moments of abundance, family, and gratitude. But there are still those who feel alone or who seem lost to love. Hold up a symbolic ‘candle’ of hope. Look someone in the eye; give ‘em a wink…it’s free. Thank you’, ‘excuse me’ take only a moment. If a smile can melt a heart, what could a kind word do? Don’t be perfect, be human.

Why the moment of waxing poetic here at The Gluten Escape? We’ve hit some turbulent waters. I thought we’d gotten through these issues with permitting but the site inspections last week did NOT go well. Maybe it’s the Holiday. Maybe it’s the high fructose corn syrup. Maybe it’s me (two weeks ago I had another neck surgery)…but GOSH DARN IT people don’t understand our food and the bakery. (What do you make? What’s in that? How do we know you don’t fry? Why don’t you have grease? How is that possible? ) In these moments I have to step back, to stop and look for what I can do, in front of me now, today. And AHA, I know. With a cheerful heart I’m stepping out to announce (drumroll, bells, cymbals, please)…


On December 5, at 11 a.m. come celebrate with us as we pray, cheer, chant, sing, and dedicate the new bakery!   We will celebrate the abundance of ingredients on this earth, the health and welfare of our community, the many blessings we have, and the challenges we face. We will stand as a tribe in the presence and promise of our new bakery. Come celebrate the bread of our lives: a gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, soy protein free, corn free, egg free, vegan, tree nut free bread, and life! Bring your friends and families.

A simple word of thanks to those of you who supported our Thanksgiving efforts, and to my staff who made the food you shared with your families. Your Thanksgiving donations exceeded $1500! I hope representatives of the Center can join us at the Blessing so you know firsthand what a difference that money makes.

See you soon.

Take care,

Kathy and The Gluten Escape Team