Hello. #1 = Preorder for these items is December 10. #2 = Preorder for these items is December 10. #3 = Repeat #s 1 and 2!
Dear Tribe,
First, a HUGE THANK YOU for ordering early for Thanksgiving. We filled every preorder. Your planning allowed us to serve our new tribe members and many walk-in customers. To our new tribe members our main message is: PLEASE ORDER EARLY. Thanksgiving dinners are consistent from home to home.  The upcoming holidays have much greater variety. Variety is the spice of life but it has its own challenges for your team at The Gluten Escape. Due to the complexity and variety of these holiday foods please don’t count on walk-in inventory.
Remember we have gift cards. A stocking with a gift card is a happy stocking.  Paired with a sweet treat it’s a winner!
So, here we go…
#1 Preorder for these items is December 10. #2 Preorder for these items is December 10. #3. Repeat!
We will close at noon on Saturday December 24 (Christmas Eve and the start of Hanukkah) and will remain closed until 7 a.m. Tuesday December 27.  Tuesday (the 27th) we will have a “soft day” from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m..  A “soft day” means we will be open 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.  We’ll run fresh morning goodies: cinnamon rolls, muffins, donuts, scones and bagels at regular price.  ALL remaining inventory of holiday cakes or cupcakes are 40% off regular pricing.  (No special orders or pickups please.) Reminder: We are open 7-1 so you can stop by for a morning treat and grab a bargain too.
Wednesday December 28 will be a regular production schedule, 7 a.m.-6 p.m., with a full line of fresh products and pickups.
NEW YEARs: We will close at noon on Saturday December 31. We will remain closed until 7 a.m. on WEDNESDAY January 4. We will be closed Tuesday January 3 because Kathy is old and needs the sleep.
PLEASE NOTE: For the upcoming holidays, all preorders are those placed and paid for before December 10.  303-694-9999
We are offering two flavors of muffins for preorder, Cranberry/Orange or Pumpkin.  Preorder for pick up on Saturday December 24. YES, by December 10. 303-694-9999
For the first time ever we are offering early bird pricing on our cinnamon rolls. Order by December 10 and get 6 Cinnamon Rolls for $18.
Kathy is working on Monkey Bread. YES, REALLY. We’ll keep you posted. The prototypes worked!
WHAT??? Sugar cookies dough… OMG the aroma of fresh baked cookies? Decorate cookies with your (grand)kids, your spouse, (or by yourself)! Please specify egg free or regular dough when ordering.  $17.99 for dough for a dozen.  303-694-9999.
YES! Thumbprint cookies and chocolate crackle cookies are returning for this season. Watch for them in the cookie case.
Entertaining? We have trays of a dozen assorted cookies available. Specify our egg free or regular assortment.  No substitutions. We are not offering cookies containing nuts in these trays.  Priced at $34.99.
Two new flavors of brownies (8×8 pans) available only during December. WOOHOO.
Triple Chocolate Brownie: Our dark chocolate brownie, with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting.  WOW.
Candy Cane Brownies: Our dark chocolate brownies with an organic peppermint extract and topped with crushed candy canes. SMOOTH with a crunch.
Please specify egg free or regular when ordering these brownies. Preorder at $20.99 per pan. 303-694-9999.
Entertaining? We can make trays of assorted bars (each tray is 32 bite size pieces.) Please choose two items per tray: any of our brownies, mocha oat, butterscotch blondies, or salty pretzels bars. No substitutions. $36.99 per tray. (Preorder by December 10.)
Holiday Cupcakes. OH YES, we are offering red velvet, chocolate mint, gingerbread, and egg nog (egg free) flavors. For New Year’s Eve we will also offer strawberry champagne cupcakes. Please call ahead for orders. PLEASE! 303-694-9999.
Entertaining? This month only, get $5 off when you preorder a dozen cupcakes. Mix and match. 303-694-9999.
We will again offer take and bake dinner rolls (9 per pan for $8.99); Stuffing Cubes ($7.99) and Herbed Bread Cubes ($5.99)
Dinner rolls: Multi grain or Golden. 6 for $6.99
Pies:  we will again offer pumpkin, apple and peach pies. $15.99, $18.99 and $22.99 each.
Please order early (December 10).  303-694-9999
We make hand piped thin and crisp bread straws… They are dynamite. Light salt and garlic. $5.29 for a pack of 18.
For appetizer plates we will produce small ciabatta loaves….sundried tomato, rosemary, olive oregano or garlic artichoke. 2 for $12.99.  Delicious with goat cheese or bruschetta!
Teff or quinoa flatbread (to pair with your tapas and hummus). 4 large pieces for $6.99
Rosemary focaccia loaves topped with smoked salt. (WHAT? Yes, dredged in olive oil and balsamic vinegar…. Step out of your comfort zone a little.  I’m preordering mine RIGHT NOW. $7.49 a loaf.)
TO ROUND OUT THE EVENING:  Slices of our moist Bundt cakes. Choose from: Lemon, Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, Gingerbread, Egg Nog, or Cinnamon.  I like these paired with fresh fruit! WOW.
Bread Crumbs: ‘Cause how else will you make crab cakes or stuffed mushrooms? OH YEAH. $4.99 per bag.
LASTLY (Phew) See what I mean about variety?
Don’t forget CONDIMENTS: We make an incredible ranch dip and a chipotle aioli!  YOUR VEGGIES AND SANDWICHES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, I PROMISE. $12.99 per tub (yes, pre order).  And yes, they are gluten, dairy, soy, peanut and egg free, and vegan.

All our best,
Kathy and The GE Team.