April News…

What’s new at The Gluten Escape?
It’s April.  Here’s what we’ve got going on.  Theme for the month: IT’S SAMPLE SEASON.

The Rockies home opener is April 7.  
We are working on soft pretzel bites for the opener!
Our goal is to have them April 7 for you. BUT we need your feedback.  Watch Instagram and Facebook for sampling days.
Small details: Do you want mustard with them? Do you want them all summer to take-and-bake at home? Or pre-baked to pick up before going downtown for the game?

Our new Bonus Buys!  Look for the green signs ($$) in store.

Breakfast Bundle (2 cinnamon rolls, 2 scones, 2 muffins all boxed and ready to go) for only $19.99!

BONUS: We are sampling our new savory scones on Tuesday and Thursdays until they are gone.

The price of our sandwich loaves has decreased. Two are now 2/$16. WOOHOO.

Two frozen dough balls for $9.99!
Pizza dinner fixin’s for the whole group? $19.99!!
Includes:  2 Dough Balls, pizza sauce, and dairy-free mozzarella cheese, enough for 2 pizzas.

And Dessert?
Your choice: bundle any 4 brownies or bars for $15.29

Have you tried our reformulated chocolate chunk cookie? What are you waiting for????
BONUS: 4 cookies for $9.99.

Cupcakes for now and later? New BONUS PRICING:  6/$19.99 or 12/$37.99

Monkey Bread, yay! If you missed these over the winter holidays, try one now. They are a take-and-bake cinnamon pull apart bread which serves 6-8 (or 4 in my house). Your home will smell like an old-time bakery.

Dinner rolls. ANOTHER reformulated product. Thanks to everyone who sampled them!  Our take-and -bake dinner rolls are now individually frozen. They thaw and bake faster, and are crustier on the outside and softer on the inside! And the price has DECREASED to $10.99 a dozen. Before we stock up on these new pans, we are selling the 8×8 pans of the older formula for a song. Call and reserve yours today!

Order your Easter cakes NOW!  Please. It’s high-cake season which means we need more notice (3 working days) for special orders.
Also, order your lemon or carrot bundt cakes, and cupcakes, early.

Remember we stock jelly beans and small candies!
I think that’s all for April.

Baking Tip for Spring baking:
All xanthan gum is not created equal! Xanthan is meshed at two different sizes: #90 and #200. It binds with oils for your baking. The greater the surface area the more it binds.  A #200 mesh has more surface area and will be a stronger binder. A little bit goes a long way, an eighth of a teaspoon can make a difference! If you are experimenting with xanthan in your home recipes and you use too much xanthan your dough or batter will get gummy. Don’t despair, you can probably save it!  Vinegar or lemon juice are acidic and will soften the xanthan’s hold. Just remember to adjust your recipe to reduce the xanthan next time.
If you have other questions, please forward them and I’ll try and get you an answer.

We hope to see you soon.

Kathy and The GE team