What to Expect at the Gluten Escape

We are a full-line specialty bakery.  At any time we have upwards of thirty-five products on hand daily.  They are all gluten, dairy and soy-protein free. We are dedicated peanut and tree nut free.  95% of our products are egg-free and vegan.

By 7 a.m. we have fresh bagels, cinnamon rolls, donuts, scones and muffins.  Every day we have our standard bagel flavors: cinnamon sugar, onion, everything, and kosher salt.

We make one flavor of  donuts, and muffins each day.  Scones are available on special order.  Call us for the seasonal rotation or to place your order 303-694-9999.

For lunchtime we offer Good-to-Go sandwiches and stock bottled drinks in a cooler.  We have coffee and tea and a seating area.

We have over 150 recipes developed.  Many items were created in response to customer favorites that are unavailable elsewhere.  If you’re missing something, please mention it when you stop by the bakery.  We have  Bread Straws for hummus, Chex mix, Ciabatta loaves and Crostini, because of customer requests.

Expect to be happy, expect to be healthy, and expect to have choices.

We hope to see you soon!