Kathy Letson

Kathy Letson

Hi, my name is Kathy Letson.  I have two sons, Alex and Nick.  Alex can eat ANYTHING, really.  Nick gets sick from gluten, soy, and lactose.  I get sick from yeast, sugar, cheese, dairy, tomatoes, turkey, beef, plums, vinegar, and more.  My niece can’t stomach (literally) tree nuts, sugars, gluten, or soy.  Plus, we have vegans and vegetarians in our family.  Well, you get the point: we’re a diverse and complex group to feed.  But it makes meal time FUN and very creative.

We’ve surprised many folks at our dinner table who have eaten and THEN found out that we have ingredient restrictions.  We’ve been doing this for so long that it’s just become the way we do it.  It’s honestly No Big Deal here in little ol’ Englewood, Colorado.  We feel sick if we eat poorly, so we are a motivated bunch!

This prompts people to ask, “What do you eat? How do you cook? Do you have  dessert?” After a lot of experimenting at home, we have found many foods that we all enjoy!  These products are inspired by our human shortcomings, but have brought hilarity, challenge, and opportunity into our lives. The products we create in our bakery will bring a little taste of our home into your home!  Thanks for joining our team!  We hope you are just as excited as we about our products!

– Kathy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give people who are frustrated with their food differences a place to find solutions. Welcome to solutions, creativity, and a place where food differences are no big deal!


“It is so nice to be able to enjoy great food without having to worry about my soy allergies. It’s not just “good for gluten-free” it’s simply really good.”


Just Really Good

“I am not gluten intolerant but recently helped celebrate a birthday with a friend who is with two great birthday cakes from The Gluten Escape. One was chocolate and one was lemon and they were some of the best cakes I have ever eaten! Way to go and keep the goodies coming!”



“I won a free cake from the drawing in your store. I got it for a dinner party that I had at my house. We had 50 people over. Everyone loved the cake and could not believe it was gluten free. They actually preferred your cake over the other cakes that were not gluten free. Your desserts are delicious and they do not sit in your stomach like a rock as most gluten free desserts do. Thank you for opening a wonderful bakery in Denver”



Valentin Guerrero

Valentin Guerrero

Valentin is the Master of all Bread at the bakery. He is responsible for creating and hand-shaping each loaf, roll, bun, bagel, and crust of our 15+ types of bread. Every day Valentin fills the bakery with the amazing aroma of different flavors of freshly baked bread. In addition, Valentin makes fresh cinnamon rolls, scones, and bagels each morning. Valentin is a strong, quiet presence in the kitchen where he enjoys Nick’s antics. Valentin has been a team member since early 2014.


Sarah Hansen

Sarah is the Lead Baker at the Gluten Escape. She’s organized and artistic, and is responsible for the smooth running of the production area on a day-to-day basis. Sarah has been with the team since the Gluten Escape opened in 2012. She is the talent behind the bakery’s beautiful cakes and cupcakes, and our award winning brownies. Her unflappable presence in the bakery is invaluable.


Corey Ortiz

Corey has also been with the team since the bakery opened. He is the enthusiastic front-end supervisor at the Gluten Escape, the ‘warmth’ behind our amazing customer service. Corey individually creates each of our cake, cupcake, brownie, and loaf mixes; additionally, he supervises the flour blending process. Corey has an effusive laugh and brilliant easy style.

Nick Alonzo

Nick is the entertainer in our production area. He is quick with a joke and his easy manner keeps the bakery’s busy production area light and fun. Nick is individually responsible for producing each of our 20 + cookie doughs, and hand-makes all our cookies and bars. Nick has been a team member since 2013.