About Us

Gluten Free Bakery Denver Colorado

We are the Gluten Escape, a locally owned small family business in Centennial, Colorado. We opened in Denver is 2012 hoping for the opportunity to bring flavorful and well crafted gluten-free and dairy-free food to our community. Everything we create is soy protein-free; approximately 95% of our products are egg free/Vegan. We are a dedicated gluten, dairy, soy protein, tree nut, and peanut free facility.

We mix our own flour blend and use it in all our products. It contains tapioca, sorghum, brown rice, mochiko, arrowroot, and potato starch. It does not contain regular white rice flour. Why? Simple: white rice flour is gritty. Texture is important in all baking, and especially in gluten free baking. Whether you bake or cook a little or a lot, all your gluten free foods will have a smoother texture if you avoid standard white rice flour.

We do not use bean or garfava flours. We work to avoid corn ingredients. We use organics when and where they are readily and reasonably available.

We meticulously parse the labels of any products we use. We do not use peanuts and work hard to avoid all ingredients which are processed in facilities where peanuts are present. We do not use sesame or poppy seed. Each Wednesday our production area is deep cleaned, including washing all handles, pans, equipment, carts, floors and walls… and discarding sponges and scrubbers.

We’ve been blessed with an amazing community of customers… they are loyal, outspoken, gentle and kind. Because we cater to such diverse foodies and enthusiasts, we confirm each order by phone and ask that you place orders early anytime you can. We are not a mass production facility; each cake, cupcake, cookie, and loaf of bread is handmade. Each week we set our production mixes for the following week, based on special orders and our regular sales. Our customers are a tribe of special people on a quest for good, healthy foods, so for the benefit of all, please place orders ahead of time. We look forward to serving you!

Take care,

Kathy and The Gluten Escape Team