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Gluten Free

All products are gluten and peanut free, all the time.

Dairy Free

We bring flavorful and well crafted gluten-free and dairy-free food to our community.

Soy Protein Free

Soy is a healthy protein alternative for some people, but soy protein allergies are VERY common allergy in the United States. Click to read more on our FAQ’s.

Our Specials and Flavors of the Day

Friday is #national#donut#day. Please call ahead for yours! 303-694-9999 we will make #chocolate #donuts #glutenfree #diaryfree #eggfree #celiac #vegan #303 #303eats #Denver #denverpostfood #centennial thank you #parkerlifestyle #highlandsranchlifestyle for including me in the #womentowatch2017 ... See MoreSee Less

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December…. Are you ready? Schedule and specials

Hello. #1 = Preorder for these items is December 10. #2 = Preorder for these items is December 10. #3 = Repeat #s 1 and 2! Dear Tribe, First, a HUGE THANK YOU for ordering early for Thanksgiving. We filled every preorder. Your planning allowed us to serve our new tribe members and many walk-in customers. To our new tribe members our main message is: PLEASE ORDER EARLY. Thanksgiving dinners are consistent from home to home.  The upcoming holidays have much greater variety. Variety is the spice of life but it has its own challenges for your team at The Gluten Escape. Due to the complexity and variety of these holiday foods please don’t count on walk-in inventory. Remember we have gift cards. A stocking with a gift card is a happy stocking.  Paired with a sweet treat it’s a winner! So, here we go… IMPORTANT DATES: #1 Preorder for these items is December 10. #2 Preorder for these items is December 10. #3. Repeat! SCHEDULE We will close at noon on Saturday December 24 (Christmas Eve and the start of Hanukkah) and will remain closed until 7 a.m. Tuesday December 27.  Tuesday (the 27th) we will have a “soft day” from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m..  A “soft day” means we will be open 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.  We’ll run fresh morning goodies: cinnamon rolls, muffins, donuts, scones and bagels at regular price.  ALL remaining inventory of holiday cakes or cupcakes are 40% off regular pricing.  (No special orders or pickups please.) Reminder: We are open 7-1 so you can stop by for a morning treat and... read more

Thanksgiving’s almost here. Are you ready? Preorder discounts!

Greetings to our Tribe, THANKSGIVING is three weeks from today. November 24. Who y’all gonna’ call? The Gluten Escape!  303-694-9999 PLEASE order EARLY. We offer discounts for early orders!! We guarantee all orders which are placed and paid for by 6 p.m. November 17.  All preorders will be available for pick up either the 22nd or 23rd. These are available only by preorder. Wake up and be grateful! Pumpkin and/or cranberry muffins, only $10.99 (4 pack) Looking for a ‘traditional taste’?  Look no further… Abondanza!  Preorder Pricing Stuffing Cubes $6.99 (approx. 3 c.) Herbed cubes $4.99 (approx. 3 c.) Dill or Multigrain rolls $6.99 (half dozen) $12.99 (dozen) Golden dinner rolls $5.99 (half dozen) $11.99 (dozen) Take and bake rolls $7.99 (9 per pan) Frozen pie shells $6.99 Pumpkin pies $12.99 (baked and ready to eat) Apple pies $14.99 (take and bake) Peach pies $20.99 (take and bake) Not that organized?… don’t lose hope… Regular prices Stuffing Cubes $7.99 (approx. 3 c.) Herbed cubes $5.99 (approx. 3 c.) Take and bake rolls $8.99 (9 per pan) Golden dinner rolls $6.99 (half dozen) $13.99 (dozen) Dill and multi grain rolls are pre order only. Frozen pie shells $7.99 Pumpkin pies $15.99 Apple pies $18.99 Peach pies $22.99 We will have our regular ‘multitude of products’ from now until we close on November 23rd at 4 p.m. Regular choices: If you want a pumpkin bundt cake, scones, a couple of pizzas, chex mix for snacking, ranch dressing for your veggie plate, pre made salads, chipotle aioli for your leftover sandwiches etc, please order them. Again, all final orders before 6 p.m. November 17th are guaranteed.... read more

Here come the Holidays…. Specials and Details 2016

Greetings to our Tribe, We are open for the holidays this year. It’s so AWESOME.  Sorry for the long email but here’s the plan: HALLOWEEN is coming Monday, October 31. Do you need any cupcakes, or cookies for class parties or gatherings? Need cupcakes? We are offering a half dozen orange velvet or pumpkin cupcakes for $16.99!  Available by preorder only.  Order must be final on or before October 22. Pickup no later than Saturday, October 29 @ 5 p.m. Need egg free sugar cookies? We are offering a smaller version of our sugar cookies (with Halloween black and orange sanding sugar) for $19.99 a dozen. Available by preorder only. Order must be final on or before October 22. Pickup no later than Saturday, October 29 @ 5 p.m. 303-694-9999 THANKSGIVING is November 24. We will close at @ 4 p.m. on the 23rd. Preordering     YES! Do it! We have orders already. 303-694-9999 New Tribe Members: We offer an additional variety of products for Thanksgiving.  PLEASE order EARLY. We offer discounts for your early orders!! We will guarantee all orders which are preordered  i.e. the order is phoned in and paid for, no later than 6 p.m. November 17.  Some items are available ONLY if preordered. We run extra holiday products for general purchase but it’s first-come first-served and each year we run out. Don’t be that person … (sad face). PLEASE ORDER EARLY. Elder Tribe Members: No excuses. Order Early. 303-694-9999. ALL FINAL ORDERS PLACED OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 17 are guaranteed and qualify for ‘preorder’ prices. These are available only by preorder.  Pumpkin and/or cranberry muffins $10.99 (4... read more

Cake Ordering  7-Peanut-Free

We have 30 varieties of cakes. Purchase our ‘on-hand’ cakes at the bakery. Call or visit to make a specialty cake orders. (Egg Free Options)

Please give us a 48 hours notice on orders.

6 in. Layer

Single or Double
  • 6″ Single Layer +or 6″ Double Specialty Layer +Many Cake and Frosting Flavors +Cake Fillings Available -Rush Available on 8″ only +Decorating/Writing Extra +Frosting Natural Color Dye Extra
Visit or Call

10 in. Layer

serves 16
  • 10″ Single Layer +or 10″ Double Specialty Layer +Many Cake and Frosting Flavors +Cake Fillings Available +Sheet Cake Sizes -Rush Available on 8″ only +Decorating/Writing Extra +Frosting Natural Color Dye Extra
Visit or Call

Wedding / Larger Cakes

  • Many Cake and Frosting Flavors +Cake Fillings Available +Sheet Cake Sizes +Single Layer +Double Layer +Multiple Tiers -Rush Available on 8″ only +Decorating/Writing Extra +Frosting Natural Color Dye Extra
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Chocolate lovers delight. We had a gluten free, sugar free chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that was AWSOME. Can’t wait to try some more. I have recently discovered I am gluten intolerant, after years of being yeast intolerant. So it’s great to have a treat that tastes wonderful and guilt free. Thanks!” Louise Wamsley

happy customer

“I just discovered The Gluten Escape last week. I could not believe the variety and how delicious everything was. I have tried several types of cookies and cupcakes and everything has been tasty. After two months of frustration since going gluten free and not being able to find tasty gluten free treats, I am very happy to have found The Gluten Escape!” Brooke

delighted customer

“My family has a LONG list of food allergies! We were thrilled to walk into Gluten Escape and find SO many choices! Kathy and her staff are amazing, they truly care about people. Everytime we visit we try new things and have yet to be disappointed. Our most recent “new” item: breadsticks!! WOW!! Two thumbs up from every member of our family. Thank you Kathy!!” Julie

repeat customer

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to eating Gluten Free?
A gluten free diet is a medically prescribed treatment for gluten intolerances diseases such as celiac disease (CD) and dermatatis herpetiformis (DH). Celiac disease is considered to be the most under-diagnosed common disease today, potentially affecting 1 in every 133 people in the USA. It is a chronic, inherited disease, and if untreated can potentially lead to malnutrition, gastrointestinal symptoms, weight loss, and has been linked to osteoporosis, anemia, type 1 diabetes, and autoimmune thyroid disease. For more information about the recently published multi-center prevalence study of celiac disease visit, Many people are on a gluten free diet simply because it is a healthier alternative. A gluten free diet can alleviate many chronic intestinal complaints and boost energy. Many believe that the gluten-free diet might help in the treatment of autism and a host of other disorders, including schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorder, migraines and even fertility problems. There have not been clinical trials of adequate size to date to provide clear evidence that this diet offers treatment or not. But after hearing many  stories, I think that the diet benefits a subgroup of people. In the absence of formal medical evidence, many people rely on anecdotal reports of improved health and  personal observation after reducing and removing gluten, soy, sugar, animal products and dairy from their diet.
Why are you also soy protein free? Isn't soy a healthy alternative?
Yes, soy is a healthy protein alternative for some people, but soy protein allergies are  VERY common allergy in the United States today, and soy is genetically engineered which concerns us.  Soy is used as a filler and emollient in all sorts of products. We’ve found soy in shampoo (and reacted!) for goodness sake… Soy naturally contains estrogen hormones. If you don’t want or need anymore hormones, avoid or limit your soy intake. We’ve also chosen to eliminate soy from our ingredient list because our kids are maturing more and more rapidly, and for us if there’s a chance to help slow this down even a wee bit, we’re all for it! We applaud those of you who enjoy soy and hope that you won’t hold it against those of us who don’t partake. Soy is a hidden ingredient additive, used similarly to gluten.  For those of us who have bad things happen with soy, finding products without soy is a challenge that we’ve found exhausting. So the bakery is soy free for our own peace of mind.  The biggest challenge in this quest is to find an emulsifier to replace soy lecithin. But we accept that challenge and will charge forth. Will we EVER use soy? Well, never say never, we do use soy lecithin, an emulsifier, which contains no proteins. Any other soy containing ingredients we use would only be by deliberate decision, after considerable study and reflection.  We might consider using tofu for protein in some products… if loads of customers requested it.  Even then, we would still not use soy as a filler, in any hidden ingredients, or as an additive.
What do you do to prevent cross-contamination?
At The Gluten Escape, gluten containing ingredients never deliberately enter the doors. Soy proteins are not in our products, even in oils. For those of you who have cross-contamination concerns, we know nuts are the worst. We understand the scary consequences of nut allergies. We have NO peanuts in our bakery, The Gluten Escape. To protect against nut concerns we take four deliberate actions: we batch bake all products, we clean between batches and products, we store nut ingredients separately, and we make all nut-containing batter and dough on Wednesdays. Lastly, we’ve invested in a technology for packaging our nut-containing products which completely seals the products.  Some folks think we go overboard, but we’re not sure they understand the risks as well as we do. Some of our suppliers do process their products in facilities that also process nuts and seeds. We try not to use them, but in some instances we have to. We know those patrons who live in the allergen world will understand this limitation.
What kind of sweeteners do you use?
For most of our baked goods, we use unrefined natural sugars. We also use agave syrup. Agave is an all natural, low glycemic sweetener derived from a cactus for most of our baked goods. It is commonly safe for type II diabetes with non-insulin dependency. We have a few products which contain raw sugar product. If you ever have a question about sugar, please ask.
Are you nut free?
We are peanut free, but we are not nut free. We do make products without nuts, but we cannot refer to ourselves as a “nut free” facility. (Especially if you knew our fun-loving team!) But we ourselves understand allergies and we  have production and packaging protocols for addressing cross-contamination concerns (see above). Select products contain almonds, pistachios and walnuts or pecans. We do not use peanuts.  Coconut and its oil have recently been declared by the FDA as a tree nuts although the plant is a member of the palm family. We do use coconut in select products. In our experience most people with nut allergies report that they enjoy coconut.  If we’ve included nuts in a product but you’d like a nut free version, contact us and we’ll try to give it a whirl!
What if I am allergic to dairy?
Well, you’ve come to the right place! We do NOT use dairy ingredients.  People who like dairy can find it many other places. We know that people who don’t enjoy dairy and lactose have challenges finding dairy free choices.

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